Let go of Feeling Stuck and Move Through Life with Ease
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Courage (29)

Meet Hannah Leigh LPC

It all starts with courageously taking that first step.

Through the therapy and counseling, I will help you discover when and how your habits developed, and introduce new ways you can move through life.

With that comes a sense of freedom, knowing you can experience life differently without getting stuck in the same old patterns you keep running into it.

By experiencing life differently, you can forge a new path that gives you emotional freedom and true joy.

Let’s take that first step together.

How I Can Help You


Trauma Therapy

Empowerment Coaching

Disconnected. Stuck. Overwhelmed.

It feels like you’ve been living the same exact harmful pattern for years.

Despite knowing you want to change…you can’t seem to forge the new


Every day you say yes to things you don’t really want to do. You keep overfilling your schedule and as a result you have a constant sense of anxiety.

Your challenges feel bigger than you do.

Are these patterns hurting you? There seems to be no other way. No path out of these deeply rooted habits and behaviors.

And that alone makes the future feel bleak.

Anxiety. Stress. Trauma. Fear. Are these burdens you are choosing to live

with everyday?

You can learn to “leigh’d yourself” to a brighter future.

Therapy Can Help Make That Happen
Therapy helps you slow down so you can reconnect to your senses, your body, and each moment as you experience it.

Sometimes we get so lost in our heads that we forget our default state is peace.

Counseling allows us to reconnect with the present moment, to give our minds an opportunity to heal.
It’s Time For Change
If you’re here, then you know that continuing on this same path isn’t maintainable, and nor should it be!

Your life is worth living at the highest level, where your relaxed mind is free to be creative

Where you can enjoy what you do without worrying that you’ll fall into a spiral of stress.

I know it can feel daunting, but if you take that first action step and reach out, I will be here to support you as you journey towards healing.

If you’re ready, then let’s make it happen!

If you’re ready to take that first step to healing, then I'm ready to support you on your journey!

Call me at (512) 273-7711 or click below to set up a consultation.