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Overcommitted. Numb. Going through the motions.

You don’t have to do this alone. Trying to do it alone could create more anxiety and distrust of yourself. It is hard to get a new perspective or to see other routes when you are stuck in your head overanalyzing.

Trying to navigate through your stress and disconnection on your own will leave you feeling like you are on a never ending rollercoaster.


Your schedule is over booked and you can’t seem to get any time alone much less relax for a few minutes allowing yourself to breathe and organize your thoughts.

You feel like life has become a never ending list of tasks. As you go through checking off to do’s you begin to feel more and more overwhelmed and stressed so you turn to numbing and avoidance?

Don’t allow your healing to become another task on the list for you to try to figure out on your own.

You don’t have to do this alone. Trying to do it alone could create more anxiety and distrust of yourself. It is hard to get a new perspective or to see other routes when you are stuck in your head overanalyzing.

Individual therapy can help.

As your therapist, I am able to get an outside perspective on what you are walking through.

It’s as though you are in the maze and I am on the observation deck, able to see every twist and turn along your path as well as all of the possible routes to help you get out.

I will guide you through the process of increasing awareness for where you have been and provide alternative routes for the future.

My goal is to show you that there are different routes that the route you have been traveling. Your only job is to choose that route.

When you choose to work with me you are able to leverage my years of experience as a licensed counselor guiding people down new paths, creating healthy habits and moving you towards emotional freedom.
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What does therapy get you?
  • Empowerment and accountability along your journey
  • An outside perspective to speak into your experiences
  • Support as you strip down your habits and create new ones
  • Confidence to choose, set boundaries, and live out your values
  • Reconnection to your true self

Right now it may be hard to believe that these things are possible. If you need to borrow belief, go ahead borrow mine. 

I believe in you and your capacity  for growth.

If you are tired of trying to go at it alone let me come alongside you and support you and empower you along your journey. Together, let’s wake you up so you can feel again.

Feel joy, feel confidence and feel capable.
If you are done trying to go at it alone, I would be honored to join you on your journey to healing. Don’t put it off another day, your life is waiting for you to begin living again. Reach out below to connect so we can begin today!
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